Risking It All v2


She needs an alpha male in her life…

Julissa has the world in the palm of her hand: Fabulous house in an upscale neighborhood in the city. A prosperous career as a realtor. An abundance of friends. An affluent significant other. But what can be seen on the surface is the opposite of what goes on behind closed doors. Her loyalty to her boyfriend is tested when she crosses paths with Quinton, a millionaire and determined real estate investor. He is everything she wants and needs in a man. He is the man she’s been missing.

He wants her in any way he can have her…

When Quinton comes to town and spots Julissa, he wants to invest in more than just properties. He knows that she’s taken, but he wants her in any way he can have her. Julissa doesn’t expect the wild nights with Quinton to blossom into something more, but when it does, she must decide between the man who wants her and the man who craves her. But how long will Quinton wait on the sidelines while Julissa weighs the consequences?

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2 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Hello I was just wondering why the majority of the caedmon books are available through kindle unlimited except for 2 or 3 of them?

    1. Hello Breanna!

      As of today, all of the Caedmon Wolves series books are available in Kindle Unlimited except for Wolf’s Desire, which will be back in Kindle Unlimited during the second week of February. I’ll make an announcement in my newsletter when that happens.

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