Hello Lovelies!

I hope your summer is going smoothly. It’s been a hot one in Atlanta and everywhere I’ve been. School starts back next week for my county! OMG Yes! That means full time writing for me again. I’m so anxious to get back to some of these half finished stories.

Now for the somber news. I know I said earlier that I’d be back in full swing on social media and with my publishing schedule about mid-August, but that might not happen until the end of August. I’m going out of town again, but this time it’s to attend a funeral. 🙁 Despite having celebrated a birthday and all, the month of July has been….meh. I’m still working in the background around other things, but my muse and I have gone a bit dark. As my schedule adjusts in August, we should return as normal.

So that’s my update to the update from about a month ago. Stay cool and I’ll be back a little later in August.

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