Without Limits

About the Book:

Austin Clark was my first date, my first love, and I thought he’d be my husband. But he chose his NASCAR career over me and then skipped town to join a racing team. I spent months drowning in sorrow about a relationship with Austin that could never be. Even Austin’s best friend, Rick, felt jaded by his actions to leave everything behind. Together, we got over Austin and I married Rick. After all, life goes on.

Now nearly four years later and right after my devastating divorce from Rick, Austin Clark returns to town. To make matters worse, he’s also the private investor who saved me at the last minute from having to sell my dress boutique. Once known as the poor kid from the opposite side of the tracks, Austin is retired from NASCAR and has become a wealthy business tycoon. The tables have certainly turned, which leads me to wonder if his return has everything to do with getting back at me for marrying his best friend and nothing to do with making amends.



An 18+ explicit excerpt from Without Limits

My skirt was bunched up high over my thighs, but I didn’t care. That was the thing about Austin. Whenever I was with him, I didn’t care about anything else.

“If you were mine, do you know what I’d do right now.”

“What…” I breathed.

“I’d lift this skirt up some more and slid my fingers into your sweet, tight pussy. I would make you ride my finger and I’d play with your clit until you reached climax.”

I swallowed.

He placed two fingers against my lips. I parted them, letting him in just like he did.

“And then after that, I’d have you on your knees and I’d drive my dick between these sexy lips of yours. I’d fuck your mouth and make you beg to lick me clean.”

Austin Clark hadn’t changed. He was right. He was a dirty-talking sex fiend.

“All you have to do is say the words and I’ll cross that line,” he whispered. “But once I cross it…”

I repositioned myself to feel the rock hard proof of his arousal, making him groan out loud.

“What are we waiting for? You’re here now. We might as well take care of this unfinished business between us before you run again.”

He ran his fingers up through my hair and grabbed a handful of it. “Are you talking shit?”

I smiled slyly. “Just stating the obvious. And since we are shit talking, both you and I know that it was never your money that I was after.”

I pulled the ends of his shirt from his pants and slid my fingers up his chest. He groaned and rested his head back against the bench.

“Can you handle business in bed like you used to,” I asked, teasing him with my fingertips. “Or have you lost that touch?”

“Fuck it,” he growled.

He slammed his mouth down on mine, devouring me like a man with a relentless craving. I demanded no less from him, meeting his lips and tongue with a passion of my own. He tasted like chocolate and mint. His tongue dove deep and possessed every corner of my mouth. My nails dug deep into the skin on his chest. His hands were on my ass, grinding me into his hard core.

He tore his lips from mine. “You’re playing with me.”

“Am I?”

“I know that look in your eyes.”


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